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Joint Abell and Harwood Meeting

On Monday evening, November 7, I spoke about LetsBMore to a joint meeting of the Abell and Harwood community associations.  Here is part of my report:

    Here are some ways neighbors have helped each other through LetsBMore, the Baltimore Time Bank:

    * Cristina helped Charlene set up a printer for her computer.

    * Marshella helped Cristina install a smart thermostat.

    * Monique did sewing for Charlene.

    * Paul gave Monique a ride to the airport.

    Here are some things that friends and neighbors are offering to help with:

    * nutrition therapy
    * sewing
    * cooking
    * tutoring AP biology

    Here are some things that friends and neighbors are asking for help with:

    * a ride to drop off their recycling
    * yard work
    * help moving a bed

As you can see, we are starting to build some chains of helping.  The exchanges above show members of Harwood and the Baltimore Ethical Society helping each other, so we're also getting some interaction across community and nonprofit groups.

Here are some photos from the event:

Thanks to everyone who came!  LetsBMore thanks Nikola Fuerst for signing up that evening and offering German lessons!