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July 9, 2020 meet and greet

On Thursday evening, we held our first LetsBMore meet and greet and it was a great success!  We celebrated 266 hours exchanged for COVID19 relief, over 500 hours exchanged since the time bank started and the addition of 43 new time bank members since April.  We were able to talk about opportunities to create requests and offers based on our own skills and interests and how simple it is to create them on the website. 


Time banking is built on the foundations of reciprocity and equality where members give and receive services for which they exchange time credits, not money- an hour of my time is worth an hour of your time. We have offers and requests related to COVID19 response such as grocery shopping for neighbors and assembling PPE at Hopkins, but also offers to help can and preserve that bumper crop of tomatoes. As a result of our conversation on Thursday, we have new offers of building a vegan recipe and learning how to live zero-waste. There are many people looking to brush up on their Spanish or German and we have time bank members who can lead these small group conversations. Other members are looking for the basics of setting up a website for their business. We discovered hidden talents of assembling Ikea furniture, organizing and decluttering, resume editing, teaching Chess, and giving advice on reptile care.  It was a lively and productive hour of sharing.


LetsBMore is a growing community rich with talents and interests. So often when the coordinating team does a screening call to a new member we hear that they want to help but not sure what they have to offer or what they’d want to receive. I encourage you to scroll through the requests and offers and you just may find something you’d like to learn more about (beginner photography, anyone?) or recognize that you have something to offer (teaching a game and playing online).


We hope to have these meet and greets every two months to strengthen our community so mark your calendars for Thursday, September 10, at 7:30 pm.  Please always feel free to reach out to the LetsBMore coordinators ( if you have questions or need a hand posting an offer/request or logging an exchange. If you have a friend or neighbor who might be interested in joining, please invite them! More information on our core values can be found on this presentation:



With gratitude,

LetsBMore planning committee


-Emil Volcheck

-Anne Hansen

-Greg Corbitt

-Tam Lynne Kelley

-Michael Marks

-Paul Furth