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Meet & Greet Notes from October 5, 2021

LetsBMore Meet & Greet Notes 2021-10-05

October 5, 2021

Attending: Gerry Dicken, Paul Furth, Rhonda Hawkins, Chris Ketterman, Marshella Merritt, Rhea Nodel, Emil Volcheck

Rhonda Hawkins (Ms. Ronsue) lives in Union Square and volunteers at Clay Pots.  She supports substance use disorder meetings.  She is retired and is looking for ways to help others.  She does not have a car.

Marshella Merritt lives in the Forest Hill neighborhood in Harford County.  She is offering help with taxes and previously received help with online research.

Paul Furth lives in the Evergreen neighborhood.  He picks up donated food from Weis Markets and delivers it to the Free Farm.  Rhonda asked if he knows someplace that would take donations of clothing.  We suggested the North Avenue Mission and can connect her with Nine Trillion, who volunteers there.

Rhea Nodel lives in the Abell neighborhood.  She has received rides to the vet from Paul and Korean lessons from Hye-Mi.  She offers stretching & fitness classes based on shiatsu techniques every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:30 pm.

Serginho Williams lives in Harlem Park.  He volunteers with the Maryland Medical Reserve Corps.  

Jamie Imhof volunteers with the Maryland Food Bank and People’s Power Assembly.  She got time credit for organizing a food drive at the Hotel Revival, in support of a BLM protest.  She can offer some basic handyman repair work.  She’s willing to donate some of the hours that she’s earned.

Molly Marion lives on 27th St., between Guilford and Barclay.  She’s a special education teacher.  She can offer tutoring and child care.  She’s new to Baltimore, coming from NYC one year ago.  She is learning to drive and needs to earn some hours of supervised driving with her Learner’s Permit before she can get her license.  Jamie had some ideas for how Molly could get some hours.

Mary Beth Sodus lives in Cross Keys.  She is a dietician.  She received significant help from Paul during COVID.  She needs help with setting up a website for her consulting business.  She can offer sewing, interior design advice, diet & nutrition advice, and serving as a medical liaison.  

Gerry Dicken lives in Ellicott City.  He has done tutoring for a Barclay Elementary School student.  He’s done some GED teaching and can offer tutoring and editing.

Chris Ketterman lives on Wyeth St. in Pigtown.  He volunteers at On Our Own in Frederick, a peer support organization.  He would like help starting a podcast for On Our Own.  We offered to connect him with Emily, who has offered this help.  He is active on Reddit and uses the platform to help others.  He would like to offer compassionate listening and weight loss advice (based on his own experience of losing significant weight earlier in the pandemic). He would like to work toward a peer counseling certification.  He knows LetsBMore member Eryn Ainsley.  He shared a great story about how he found LetsBMore.  He was wondering whether some type of organization existed that allowed people to share services without exchanging money, perhaps using time instead.  He searched, and found us!