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Meet & Greet Notes 2022-07-07

LetsBMore Meet & Greet Meeting Notes

Thursday, July 7, 2022



Attending: Tonya Cameron, Sarah Cowie, James Lane, Rhea Nodel, Ivory Rich, Kimberly Sheridan, Erline Vendredi, Emil Volcheck

Kimberly Sheridan is an artist who lives in Washington Village (Pigtown).  She needs help or advice on repairing the steps in front of her house and on grantwriting.  She also needs A/C.  She can offer help with gardening & weeding and teaching art.  She is also willing to run errands for neighbors, as long as it is in biking distance.

Action: Connect Kimberly and Marshella for advice on repairs.

Tonya Cameron is a member of the LetsBMore Planning Group.  She does a lot of sidewalk sweeping and neighborhood beautification.  Her neighborhood, the CARE Community Association, has a problem with getting a lot of illegal dumping.  She is a professional auctioneer and avid golfer.

James Lane is a digital marketing professional.  He offers consulting for placing web ads and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  He puts out a podcast that features recording artists who were famous 10 years ago (but maybe not today).  He is a runner.  He thinks volunteering is important and hopes that the time bank can create chain reactions of people helping people.

Erline Vendredi lives near Leakin Park.  She speaks French fluently and can offer practice speaking.  She recently got her driver's license! Erline likes to go hiking.  She and James have both been to Vermont recently.  Erline and her husband will be moving to Utah State soon.  She would like to borrow a truck to help with moving.  She can offer cat sitting or house sitting sometime next year when she is travelling back to Baltimore from Utah to visit.

Action: connect Erline and Tonya so Erline can give advice on French translation.

Ivory Rich is the Community school coordinator at Barclay.  Her job is part education, part social services case worker, part event planner.  She runs a small food pantry at Barclay.  She loves Afro-Cuban dance.  She would like help with grantwriting.  She would like help practicing speaking Spanish.  She also runs the website for the school and needs help with social media.

She is organizing a Back to School event on 8/22 and would like help with that.  She needs hygiene supplies because Barclay goes up to 8th grade.  She would like help planning food for the event.  Some ideas were to request a food truck.  Another was to organize cooking some easy food using the 29th Street Community Center kitchen.  Fruit drinks, fruit squeezes, Costco pizza, pasta salad, maybe Costco pizza.  Erline said that Bmore Community Food (BCF) might have food to donate.

Action: Emil or Rhea will as the Abell Improvement Association (AIA) about a mini-grant to help Ivory get supplies for BTS Night.

Action: Connect Ivory with James for social media and website help.

Action: Connect Ivory with BCF.

Rhea Noedel lives in the Abell neighborhood.  Marshella has helped her around the house.  Rhea has given rides to S.C. to the MVA.  Rhea can offer learning activities to Barclay about science and reptiles.  Rhea is a licensed Acupuncturist.  She does skateboarding.  She used to be learning Korean and now she's changed and is learning Spanish.

Sarah Cowie joined the call after the meeting officially ended, but we stayed on to chat.  She lives in Mount Washington and works at a Dyslexic tutoring program.  She can offer help organizing.  She could use the help of an Organizer herself because it's sometimes easier for someone to help organize when they have a fresh perspective.

Action: Connect Sarah and Jai Brooks.