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What is Time Banking?

Time Banking is a creative local alternative to the monetary system. It allows individuals and organizations to exchange their talents and time without the need for formal currency. Every service is valued in terms of a standard Time Credit, where one Time Credit equals one hour of work provided. Time Credits can be saved indefinitely and redeemed in the form of services provided by other members of the community. We will get you started with 5 FREE HOURS of time debt that you can use for any services.

Who Can Join?

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join; from individuals and families, to small businesses and companies. The larger the pool of partners and resources, the more possibilities we have as a community. One of the greatest aspects of Time Banking is the opportunity to provide or receive services that are normally difficult to market in a formal monetary system. Everything from mothering advice to a simple ride to the airport becomes a potential service you can purchase with your Time Credits.


What are the Benefits?

The Baltimore Time Bank is a community resource. The philosophy behind Time Banking is based on the notion of community sharing and human interaction. An elderly person, who knows how to bake wonderful cakes, can easily connect with a high school student who is willing to do some housework.

Apart from fostering community development, Time Banking allows neighborhoods to become less dependent on national and world economies. Time credits are not affected by inflation rates or world markets, and are always backed by a group of people whom you know and trust.


Where Time Banking Can Take Us...

Our unlimited imagination is the limit. As numerous individuals, agencies, and organizations join the  Time Bank, the opportunities available will multiply.  The Baltimore Time Bank is a collective project and everyone is encouraged to share their ideas, skills and time.


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